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potentially invite and open up our economy and modernize it even further. a year ago, david chiu and i did not know what the outcome might be, but we were afraid a company called twitter might leave our city and that thousands of jobs will leave this behind. we took a risk and suggested we might be able to revamp our tax code for the benefit of job creation. little did we know a year later, that invitation has caused over 125 companies to locate in our city, creating thousands of more jobs, creating an environment that will be welcoming of the new economy, technology, and innovation to reinforce what we have been saying. we are the innovation capital of the world. with your help and involvement. we would like to have the rest of the city picked up and be part of it as well. we think we can have that conversation. we will need your help. we will need you to represent the new industry. these companies are here to keep the dialogue and collaboration at a high-level going with us. it is the ongoing dialogue like the one we are reading about a new tax structure for the city that does not punish
campos? >> present. >> commissioner david chiu? david chiu absent. carmen chu? present. elsbernd absent. [speaker not understood]. commissioner mar? olague absent. commissioner westerner? wiener? >> present. >> please call item number 2. >> item 2 is approval of minutes of the july 24, 2012 meeting. >> there is an action item. is there a member of the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment for item 2 is closed. you have before you the approval of minutes for the july 24 meeting. [speaker not understood]. can we take that without objection? without objection. item number 3? >> chair's report, this is a commission item. >> i have a brief report today. this is our first meeting coming back from the legislative recess of the san francisco board of supervisors. i just want to make a couple of notes. first, on september 14th, a number of us, specifically commissioners carmen chiu, christin a olague and scott wiener were on the regional transportation plan which was actually held at the county transportation authority's offices. we had a very interesting discussion. the d
main supervisor is supervisor david chiu and supervisor marc farrell has a pocket and supervisor james kim has a pocket along geary street. the population is about 75,000 residents in a 1.8 square mile area. on any given day, the population swells to about 350,000 people because of all the people coming to work in the financial district. the demographics in the central district -- female is about 50%, males 49.8%. it's almost even. age 17 and under is 17.56% which equates to about 5300 people under 17. our senior population is twice that much or approximately 11,500. caucasian -- 46%. african-american, 2%. latino, 4%. other is a 1.3%. less than 1% our native american. our organizational chart is headed by yours truly. i have the captain's staff which consists of one sergeant and six officers. the captain's staff is in charge of the demonstrations, protests and special events. he has to assistance. his round off by a subpoena officer who handles postings for no parking, a permit officer and a facilities officer. we have a street crimes unit that wears plain clothes and concentrates on r
with david chiu from district 3. that includes chinatown, fisherman's wharf, and part of the russian hill neighborhood. he was elected to the board in november of 2008 and has served as board president since january of 2009. we will get to know him and talk about the toughest issues facing them. thank you for joining us today. tell us about your background. >> my parents immigrated to the united states in the 1960's. i was the first kid born in the u.s. my parents sacrificed everything so that their kids could have the opportunities that they wanted when they came here. i grew up in the boston area and lived in different parts of boston. i went to catholic price school in dorchester, a section of boston. -- i went to catholic high school in dorchester, a section of boston. because of my parents, my brothers and i were all blessed to go to harvard university. that is where i went to school. it was intense. i stayed there for law school and have a master's in public policy from there. those are subjects i decided to study because i was interested in public service and public policy issues a
francisco. i know it's exciting for board president david chiu, we tried to put pods for car sharing in neighborhoods on public streets and began in russian hill on his district, he's a vibrant, vibrant avid supporter of car sharing as i have been, i know ed riskens, well at the hub, knowing that that's an incubator for great ideas came the idea of scooter san francisco and the scooter network, and it's the latest contribution to an ongoing conversation that board president chiu are having in this society, it really is when you come to automobile and or multiple modes of transportation sharing, scooter sharing is the latest contribution for people having access in our economy rather than just offered ownership and to me, that's really what wha* the shared economy is about and this great incubating idea of scooter sharing is wonderfulfinger these are all electric, you can power this up on 18 cents worth of power as compared to what gasoline prices are. it takes, if you want to go around the city at 30 miles an hour, it will be less than half of the power of a toaster. it's equivalent
to the president of the san francisco board of supervisors, mr. david chiu. [applause] david, we welcome your colleagues as well. of course, we are honored to have with us so many of our transportation partners at the federal, state, regional, and county levels. thank you very much. there are a lot of people to think. today, we officially open in amazing collection of gives made in honor of the anniversary. the british pavilion, as you can see behind me, is our new welcome place an interpretation. the enlarged josef strauss plaza is a place for visitors to gather. the renovated round house visitor program center is a place of education and discovery and memory. just beyond where we stand today, you can see our improved trails and new overlooks constructed as an additional anniversary gifts. we hope you have your tennis shoes on and can go for a hike after this is over. we want to extend our sincere and special thanks to the golden gate national parks conservancy. they are a nonprofit connecting the bridge to a nearby national park. we thank them for raising the funds to celebrate the annivers
candidate or measure. with that, why don't we hear from our first speaker. >> i -- san francisco, david chiu -chiu -- abdulum gay -- bak obama -obama -- [speaking forein language] >> [timer sounding.] >> ladies and gentlemen, as you see, our supervisor olague today, she give memorial for two people. but, me, as american egyptian native, i come in here to make it memorial for 2,753 innocent people has been killed in same day 11 year ago in new york. thank god that man i can say he is hero, he is tough, when he said something else, he promise on it, he did. here you see in this picture our mayor, when he talk about this innocent people last year in same day. today, after i finish my word here, i am going down to vote for obama. he deserve, and i deserve the change, 9/11, to be the vote for obama, and i wish to see how many people like you or other people too in the city going to vote for obama today. we need to change it. to change -- >> president chiu: i'm sorry. as i just said, you are not allowed to campaign for or against any candidates or ballot measures. if i could ask you to keep your c
such as the south of market. today, i urge the supervisors, especially supervisor david chiu, to vote down the microunit legislation because the city needs to prioritize family housing for which is long overdue. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is teresa imperial, from -- housing program of veterans equity center, and i'm a case manager. right now i have letters of our clients who are opposing about the -- legislation and i can read this letter from what they have opposed. so this microunits would not cheaper than market rent. they only cost less to make because they are smaller. how can we be assured these units will be affordable for the life of the unit when in the free market there is no such thing as affordable by design. landlords in a set rent in accordance with the cost of the unit but what max rent the market will bear. the smaller the unit the more they can cram into one area. this can mean a huge and sudden increase in population and which could mean also displacement for long residents of san francisco, especially inside of market area and m
and david chiu had been fresh off of helping the company called twitter sustain the city and i want to thank supervisor kim, who is here today and we're working closely together to make sure we're doing it right. that all of the impacts that we can generate positively, not only on central market, but throughout her district and throughout the city. i also want to acknowledge other people that are working really hard, because my feeling in a year-ago was that after all of those things that we did, and the work that we had done that first year, rest was my major focus. and after i met with you last year, rest was not on the agenda. absolutely not. in fact, we had gone right to work because there were so many of you who had also felt that the city could turnaround. you have given me and our staff investor confidence in this city as we move forward and there are so many things to report on. and i couldn't get much rest because i had a lot of other people who wanted to get to work as well. in the audience you have people like rodney fong and every time i look at his stacks that he brings into ci
, supervisor david chiu's nomination to -- to board of supervisors ending july 16. >> chair kim: thank you. this is also a reappointment. we recently heard her speak at rules committee. but because she came on near the end of the previous term, she is already coming back to us for reappointment. and i'm not sure if ms. hurtado is here given she's spoken to the rules committee a couple of months ago. is there any comments from colleagues? if you'd like to speak, his apph the mic. public comment is closed. we have a motion. >> yes. actually i think ms. hurtado just came in. >> chair kim: i see her. >> i don't know if she wants to say a few words. >> chair kim: can we have you come forward. thank you for being here. we know you were with us a couple of months ago and answer the numerous questions from the rules committee. of course you came on near the end of a previous term that you were filling, and we appreciate that -- served for a couple of months now and coming back for a reappointment. if you'd like to speak briefly and maybe a couple of comments. >> thank you for inviting me back. hel
. [applause] thank you for being here. thank you, john, thank you. our board of supervisors comment david chiu, thank you very much. david campos, thank you for being here. he is our adopted asian brother. we have so many of our state representatives here. so many of you are here. i have spent all night announcing your names, but they did not give me the full list. i will say thank you on behalf of our city. from sacramento, los angeles, from all the communities in between, thank you for coming to our fantastic city to celebrate our asian-pacific heritage month. it is my pleasure to also provide you with a warm welcome and thank you for somebody who worked on this idea to bring everybody here to san francisco, my very good friend. thank you. where are you? when we first talked about this, we said there had to be the place where everybody felt comfortable. there had to be a place where we could feel the excitement of all very different asian american groups. we had to have a place where something wonderful had been accomplished. a leadership change, one that we never thought in our lifetimes. b
in turn is there from jawbone. a b is there from match bridge. david chiu from starbucks is here. kim winston, also from starbucks, is back there. david gobot from is there. betsy from youthworks is here. she is with - not giovanni. yes, with giovanni. andrew is here as well. that was pretty good. i did not see john. john did not make it. deputy alvarez from goodwill industries is here. knesha is to her left. as is monisha and chris, two more interns. this is someone from the department of youth and families. rhonda simmons, our director of work-force development, is also here with us. i did see a trend more -- see trent moore, phil ginsperbg, the direct picture of reparations and parks -- the director of rec and park. i do not see tony whitaker. jason eliot is in the back, from the mayor's office. the education and family services member is here. naomi kelly, our city administrator, is also with us. who did i miss? i know i missed somebody. >> donald leavitt. >> thank you so much. we also have someone from the department of youth and families. we have the director of ne
of supervisors, david chiu. [applause] >> good afternoon. first, if any of you have ever wondered what an ls -- and elected officials sounds like with anesthesia and his mouth, i want to let you know that i got out of a dental chair 20 minutes ago after a few hours of dentists work. but i wanted to give a few remarks of how i think we are doing. i'm very much more are optimistic about how we're doing than four years ago. i read an article from the chronicle and it said that the candidates disagreed on everything, except for the need to crack down on entertainment violence. i did not propose anything for the first six months until there were half a dozen people affected. that was followed by a terrific shooting, which was then followed by an incident in union square. i want to take a moment and thank the san francisco police department for your input. if we pass legislation to require additional security requirements and plans. we pass legislation to give the entertainment commission more tools to shut down those handful of clubs that have often given a bad name to the rest of the industry. w
david chiu join us. supervisor kim is also here. thank you for your thoughtful words. a wonderful, great epiphany. thank you. what is critical is that we need to begin to interrupt this cycle of violence, and five key things i want to recognize with you, to share that we recognize the link between poverty and the lack of economic opportunity to the propensity to commit crime, and that the role the young men and women are playing in these incidents, that they are not exclusively just for men, i think that is a critical point. there are women raising our future generations. while we have significant city resources dedicated to violence prevention and response, they should be significantly coordinated and better utilize. i am proud to see so many of our service providers with us today as well as our community partners. it is not just about government. we need to make sure we have a comprehensive approach that is not just tailored to individuals and to individual communities but will most likely taylor the individuals that we know to be perpetrators of gun violence but also keeping in mind t
commissioners. my name is amy chan, i may legislative aide with supervisor david chiu's office. n i also want to say thank you for working so hard to make sure our residents are safe. the supervisor could not be here today but i wanted to recognize how important you are to his office and recognize how the captain and his team have been doing a great job staying on top of the cases and working closely with their community to make sure we are coordinating with our residents. i know there are a number of communities in attendance. we hope to express how much we value the community collaboration captain tom and his team continue to have what their district and a hope to continue to see that in the future. i will be available during the rest of that meeting if anyone wants to express concerns to our office and thank everybody. >> i have been a resident for 15 years in north beach. i live above broadway, so i have a nice front door picture view of broadway. broadway has been a little bit out of hand lately. last night, i wasn't walking around the neighborhood and it was great and peaceful. people h
officials. david sanchez. also from the board of supervisors -- david chiu, eric maurer -- eric mar. next, i would like to introduce the executive of our hospital. she has been with us for many years. she is now the ceo of the hospital. she will be leading us into the future of this hospital, and it is an honor to work with her. i am sure you will enjoy her words today. thank you. [applause] >> good morning. i want to thank you all for coming and welcome you to san francisco general hospital for this great occasion. yesterday, we had a lot of children, people from the community, but staff come by. it was exciting to have everyone here during that signing period. it has been challenging building this big structure here in the midst of campus, where we're trying to run a full-service hospital. i really want to think the patients, the neighbors, and the staff for all there patient ande and support -- patience and support. i also want to thank our rebuilding team designed this beautiful building, to webcorps per the construction part, and two trips for the management part. this really takes a tr
, to really bring in members of our marshall memorial fellowship network of which david chiu is one of our alumni. some of our past grantees and also the next crop of practitioners and local civic leaders who are really looking to change their home communities by looking abroad or looking to other cities to see what other cities are doing well and how that might be imported back home or translated back home. so the comparative dom particular policy program works primarily in the 25 cities that doug mentioned, but not exclusively in those cities. we really are looking for some of the best practices in education and workforce development, in integration of diverse populations and affordability and quality of life issues in cities and regions and also -- and sustainability, in which encompasses a broad range of things. it's primarily environmental sustainability. the overarching theme which i think is particularly pertinent here in the bay area is regional governance and cooperation where we try to emphasize move each of our cities that they really need to figure out in their broader economic
david chiu and the supervisors announced the sharing economy working group. the idea is to look at the issues at play as well as understand the benefits of the sharing economy, whether environmental or economic. you can see with the companies that there is tremendous dahlia to society. it is getting ahead of the curve so that we're not applying outdated rules to a new approach. earlier legislation did not imagine some of these companies. who would have thought there would be peer to peer car sharing. it is transformative. we have a role to play from a city hall perspective to nurture and understand the space better to resolve some of the tensions. >> cars sharing is interesting. cars in america are iconic. we identify the good life with them. i wonder what don draper of "mad men" would say about car sharing. he would say "no way. c-- "no way." >> we are going to break out. this is a huge space. we're covering cars, people, entrepreneurship. it is breaking into meaningful pieces. then having working groups around the smaller pieces, car sharing, parking, entrepreneurship, then in
. i want to recognize and think, beginning with the board president david chiu, thank you for working very closely with us. for carmen, who was assigned by board president to lead the effort again this year on the budget. and for the other members of the board of supervisors that have engaged directly with us. supervisors avalos, kim, elsbernd, cohen. and the department heads that worked very hard with us. i see of they cisneros, who the police chief and our fire chief. barbara garcia and trent have worked extremely closely with us because of the tremendous pressure that we feel at the state level and the national of bochum, trying to get a really good conversation about how we can make sure that the community based organizations that provide invaluable service to us are taken care of and working in collaboration with us. hall of the a jar work that she does with all of us. i want to thank her for her tremendous leadership. again, i can say about about my good friend, someone who i got the chance to work with for many years. you have taken up so many complicated challenges this year,
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 143 (some duplicates have been removed)